Now that the NFL season is over, and Eli Manning no longer has any thread of hope in winning an argument against his brother ever again, it’s time to focus on today’s true American past time: the NBA. You know, the league that will be celebrating its stars in Canada this weekend. One of those stars is Andrew Wiggins, a 20-year-old shy guy who has been followed and recruited since he was just a young teen. Now in his sophomore season, as one of the leaders of the young and talented Minnesota Timberwolves, he’s primed to be in the spotlight for years to come. Get to know him a little better before he performs in this weekend’s Rising Stars Challenge.

His all-time favorite player is Allen Iverson.
He once hit 24 out of the 28 shots he took in a high school game.
He lost in a high school dunk contest, so he won’t compete in one now.
He and Chris Webber are the only two No. 1 draft picks since the ABA-NBA merger to be traded before playing a game.
Having fellow Canadians on the squad was a main reason he chose Huntington Prep.
He talks s**t for his teammates, not himself.
His favorite “superhero” is Goku.
He disappeared in his last game with Kansas.
His brother played college ball only two hours away at Wichita State.
He loves Call of Duty.
Kansas wasn’t originally on his short list.
LeBron’s ironic pre-NBA advice to Wiggins: “Don’t try to prove anything to no one.”
His parents are athletically gifted.
He’s met a bunch of your favorite rappers.
His cat is named after the Pokémon Lugia.