Huntington Prep Academy embraces the global community and many players in the program’s history have come from foreign countries. To date, Huntington has had players from the following countries:


Our international admissions process is as follows:

Step #1:
Complete the application along with the application fee, $200. Due to our high volume of applicants, application deadlines are May 1st.

Step #2:
Upon review of your application and if you meet our requirements both academically and athletically, a HP representative will contact you for phase 2 of the evaluation process. During this phase, our admissions department may request additional information or request further information including, but not limited to: a) Copies of Transcripts b) Vaccination Records c) Documentation of any prior college admission test scores (SAT, ACT), d) Highlight Video (Game action- on line, CD, or other digital file format) and a resume of your athletic & academic accomplishments.

We will proceed with the following:

  • Interview with Student-Athlete & Parents/Guardian
  • Tuition/Fees/Housing Obligations of the Student Athlete

Step #3:
A final decision will be made and a letter will be forwarded with decision on whether the student-athlete has been accepted.

Step #4:
If accepted, a signed contract, official report date and financial obligations will be discussed with HP Admissions. At this time, we will prepare and supply you with the necessary information to apply for the required F-1 student visa.

Step #5:
Schedule a visit to West Virginia including a tour of St. Joseph Central Catholic HS, meet & greet, and a tour of the practice/training facility with one of our trusted support staff members.

Enrollment Fee shall be accepted and a reservation entered upon receipt of the signed contract and non-refundable enrollment fee in the amount of $10,000 USD by June 1st. All tuition and boarding balances must be paid in full before August 1st. For more information or questions regarding international students, contact us at


The Huntington Prep program fees for International Students is $39,000 and includes the following:


  • Full Tuition at St. Joseph High School
  • High School and College Preparatory Classes (Including AP and Honors Classes) Supervised Study Hall
  • Tutoring Services
  • SAT/ACT Practice
  • College and NCAA Eligibility Planning
  • Computer Lab Access
  • Books and Supplies
  • School Uniforms


  • Room and Board
  • Transportation to school, basketball practice and games Unlimited meals
  • WIFI/Computer Access
  • Laundry Accessibility
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Parental Supervision

Athletic Team Activities

  •   All travel expenses for trips including food and hotel
  •   Practice Facility Fees
  •   Uniforms
  •   Travel attire (shoes, sweat suits, etc.)
  •   Personal Training (Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition & Skill Development)
  •   Insurance coverage for treatment and rehabilitation of basketball related injuries

Huntington Prep Academy Recruiting Guide