Huntington Prep is housed within St. Joseph Central Catholic High School, a religious school. The students are regular St. Joseph’s students and must abide to the rules and regulations of the high school. After being an accepted part of the school, Huntington Prep is now considered Huntington St. Joseph Prep (even wearing the St. Joe emblem on the uniforms).”

Less than 50 students per graduating class

  • Maintains a 100% graduation rate
  • Small class sizes lead to higher GPAs

Tutoring & Help Center

H-Prep athletes are required to maintain the NCAA minimum GPA (2.3)

  • H-Prep athletes have mandatory study hall 4 days/week where multiple tutors are dedicated to aid in school work and projects
  • A “Help Center” works with kids to turn their weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and gives student- athletes the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom

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